Advisory Services

Prometheus Capital's Advisory practice focuses not only on the traditional Investment Banking centers of M&A, Recapitalization, and Buy/Sell engagements, but offers clarity and insight to those active in the realms of Branded Consumer Goods, Real Estate, Wine & Spirits, and other Entrepreneurial based industries. Services range from basic business planning to brand launching, licensing, distribution, strategic partnerships and sourcing. 

Prometheus and it's personnel have extensive history and experience in the consumer brand business. These extended services provide both established and up-and-coming brands the expertise needed in various disciplines to allow owner's the ability to 'Drive their brand'.  These services include:

  • Strategic advising on growth initiatives;
  • Simplifying/correcting balance sheet issues;
  • Launching new products; 
  • Proper brand messaging;
  • Brand positioning;
  • Expanding social media presence;
  • Proper distribution and distribution channels;
  • Product/brand extensions;
  • Establishing and vetting licensing opportunities;
  • Merchandising and sourcing; 
  • Styling;
  • Business plan review; 
The firm's expertise in these specialty areas is accumulated from deep experience and intimate industry knowledge. We work collaboratively, building lasting capabilities to help organize businesses for growth and scalability, working with companies and brands of all stages to help build, refresh and/or grow their brands, recognition, and profitability. Whatever the need or challenge, the team at Prometheus Capital is here to help.